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Corporate Identity Services

Corporate Identity Design Services

Corporate identity is the most important element in the branding process of companies. Corporate identity designs, which can be expressed as the most basic design of an institution or business, are the designs that create the first impression in the eyes of your target audience. For this reason, it is extremely important that the works are professional and in harmony with the image of your company. The fact that the corporate identity designs are suitable for the image of your company is the biggest assistant of your company in the branding process.

It is impossible to be able to brand and get a place in the minds of consumers with independent and incompatible communication studies. For this reason, you can get your company's corporate identity design designs prepared by getting professional support. As Cubee.de, we know how important corporate identity designs are for companies and we present our work in this direction. Now let's talk about the importance of corporate identity designs.

Importance of Corporate Identity Design
Today, there are dozens or even hundreds of brands and companies that offer the same product or service. Therefore, we can easily state that the competition in the market is extremely high. So, how can your company stand out in this competitive environment? Of course, with his professional corporate identity designs compatible with other marketing efforts. However, it is worth noting that corporate identity design alone will not be sufficient in this competitive environment. All marketing efforts as a whole are important and must be carried out in an integrated manner with each other. At this point, it is necessary to be extremely careful when preparing corporate identity design. For example, if your company has a dynamic and fun image and offers its services in this way, all corporate identity work should evoke a dynamic and fun feeling in consumers. When you cannot give this feeling in a social media work you have prepared, your loss will not be too big. However, when the same mistake occurs in corporate identity studies, it is extremely difficult to return.

We can summarize the importance of corporate identity designs as follows.

Corporate identity is the most important supporter of a company in the branding process. Companies can achieve success with correct and professional designs.
Institutional perception can be strengthened with these designs. With the professional and correct preparation of the designs, a corporate image can be created in the eyes of consumers.

Corporate identity studies are the institutional identity. Identity studies of companies are also important, just as identity cards of people are the most important criteria for us to recognize them and distinguish them from other people.

Professional and correct corporate identity studies enable companies to differentiate from their competitors and take one step ahead.

These designs help organizations to create their own identities and continue their marketing activities from a single point in line with the created identity.

Various corporate identity studies prepared also strengthen the ties of companies with their target audiences. Consumers who find a part of themselves in the institution or business create an emotional bond to the business.

Corporate Identity Elements

It should be stated that the elements of corporate identity will vary according to each company and sector. Because there is variation in the needs of companies operating in every sector. This enables different corporate identity elements to be formed. We can list the corporate identity elements that should be in almost every company as follows.

Corporate identity

  • Logo design
  • Business Card Design
  • E-Mail Signature Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Invoice and Receipt Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Folder File, Notepad Design
  • Sticker Design
  • Personnel ID Card, Visitor Card, Security Card, Attendant Card, Institution Vehicle Card, Personnel Vehicle Card Designs
  • Signage Design
  • Corporate Banner

In addition to these, as Cubee.de, we prepare corporate identity designs for the needs of different sectors. For example, we prepare the brand identity professionally with different designs such as menu designs for hotels, accommodation reservations, do not disturb cards, welcome designs used at hotel entrances, luggage receipts, Factsheet designs. In this direction, we can express that we manage the branding processes of all companies.