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Product Photography Services

Product Photography Services

Product Photography and E-Commerce
If your customer is too far to touch to sell the product, if you reach your customer via digital media, if you are selling products on an e-commerce website, if you are doing digital marketing through these photos, yes, the product photo has a big share in the sale. In this case, your customer will believe what he sees and buy the product. With a single photo, you will be able to sell hundreds or thousands of the same product. So this work of photography should be highly valued, right?

So do you think we do?

Product photography is a process that requires care. In this service, which requires a planned and regular working discipline, there are many important details that concern the photographer and the service receiving firm. How should be the approach to product photo shoots required for e-commerce, web page, catalog or brochures. In this regard, apart from the product photographer, how should the firm wishing to take the shoot look at the responsibility or business process.

What Kind of Products Will Be Photographed and Photographed Classified?
Details such as the size, reflection condition, material, portability and shape of your product are very important in product photography. These details primarily affect the photo shooting time and the product shooting price.

If you are going to take a product photo and you have a business, your relevant e-commerce or communication media unit should classify the products to be photographed before shooting. If you are going to have your products pulled personally and you have different types and shapes of products, you should make this classification again. Since the subject is photography, you may get consultancy from your product photographer.

Why it matters and why you should make a classification.
Because not every product can be shot at the same time and with the same difficulty, classification also means a controlled photography process, so it makes your job easier. It allows you to better manage the photo shooting time and cost.

You can classify your products as easy and difficult products, small and large products, or you can classify glass and glossy products and products with little reflection. Maybe there will be a separate photo schedule for each category and you will receive the offer accordingly. You may also need to work with a specialized product photographer for different products.

Yes, we know, you have unclassified, rushed products that need to be on sale as soon as possible. However, this situation may cause trouble for both the photographer and the company in photo price proposal and time management. If it is not caused by unplannedness and is a compulsory situation, a solution can be found. But the whole process with this approach; should not be managed in a hurry and unplanned.